In the heart of every swing, pitch, and home run in the Northshore Slow-Pitch Softball Association’s (NGSSA) 2024 season lies the unwavering support of our esteemed sponsors. These are not just brands or companies; they are pillars of the community, champions of our beloved sport, and the unsung heroes that make every game possible. It’s time to step off the field and spotlight these fantastic sponsors! Without them, the cheers, the excitement, and the spirit of the game wouldn’t be as vibrant. Let’s celebrate the incredible contribution of Allshouse Designs, 4D Architects, Russ Porter with John L Scott, Nancy Pipinich with State Farm, Cornerstone General Contractors, Bothell Feed & Pet Supply, and Bothell Pediatric Dentistry to the 2024 NGSSA season.

  1. 4D Architects – Designing Our Dreams

    4D Architects The design firm was founded in 1985 by Barbara Pickens, an architect from Seattle, and Ben Mulder, a designer from the Eastside. They are well-known for their exceptional creativity and commitment to quality design. Their receipt of numerous regional and national awards serves as evidence. Despite their focus on quality. They have chosen to maintain a small firm size, with principals personally involved in every project. They listen attentively to their clients and maintain a relaxed, friendly work environment.

  2. Russ Porter with John L Scott – The Home Run Hitter of Real Estate

    Russ Porter brings a solid commitment to community and excellence to the field, mirroring his professional ethos in real estate with John L Scott. His sponsorship is a testament to his dedication to fostering community spirit and supporting local sports. Making every game feel like a home game.

  3. Nancy Pipinich with State Farm – Insuring Our Success

    Like a reliable catcher, Nancy Pipinich with State Farm has our back, offering unwavering support that is as trustworthy as her services. Her sponsorship helps keep our league running smoothly. She also provides a safety net that ensures we can play with peace of mind. So that everyone is focusing on the game and our community.

  4. Cornerstone General Contractors – Building the Foundation

    At Cornerstone, accountability and accomplishment are given the utmost priority. The company deeply commits to treating its team members with the same level of care as they would for their own families. Cornerstone strives to become experts in their field and to earn the trust of the communities where they live, work, and build.

  5. Bothell Feed & Pet Supply – Nurturing Our Community Spirit

    Bothell Feed & Pet Supply’s sponsorship of our furry friends reminds us that they are an integral part of our community. By supporting our league, they create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reinforcing that softball is not just a game. But a gathering of individuals who share a love for sports, community, and pets.

  6. Bothell Pediatric Dentistry – Protecting Our Players’ Smiles

    Both on and off the field, having a bright and healthy smile is of utmost importance. Bothell Pediatric Dentistry ensures our youngest players are well taken care of, promotes good oral health, and emphasizes the importance of safety in sports, ensuring our smiles are as dazzling as our plays.

  7. Allshouse Designs – The Creative Powerhouse

    With a knack for creativity, Allshouse Designs has sponsored our league and innovated our website, publishing great articles and keeping the website working 24/7. Their creative genius has been a game-changer, attracting fans and players with stunning visuals and compelling designs.

The NGSSA’s 2024 season is a mosaic of passion, community, and the unyielding support of our sponsors. As we celebrate each hit, catch, and win, let’s also celebrate the generosity and spirit of Allshouse Designs, 4D Architects, Russ Porter with John L Scott, Nancy Pipinich with State Farm, Cornerstone General Contractors, Bothell Feed & Pet Supply, and Bothell Pediatric Dentistry. Together, they’ve hit a grand slam, enriching our league and community in countless ways. Here’s to our sponsors—thank you for being the true MVPs of the 2024 season!