Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season start?

March 2024

How much does it cost to register?

PreK - 1st Grade: $135
2nd and 3rd Grade: $145
4th and 5th Grade: $155
6th, 7th and 8th Grade: $170
9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Grade: $170

I live outside the Bothell/Northshore area. Can we still play in your league?

Yes!  NGSSA is an independent non-profit league that provides opportunities for girls of all ages in our community to play and enjoy softball.  We have no league boundaries or resident requirements and try to form teams from the same schools and areas together.

What sort of equipment is required?

The NGSSA provides bats, balls, and helmets to all teams. Players should expect to provide gloves and black athletic pants and shoes. If you cannot find a glove, please tell your coach, and we will provide one.

My daughter has never played before, can she play?

Absolutely! The NGSSA is a rec league meant for all skill levels. From beginners just learning the game to experts who need a for-fun outlet! All girls should feel free to play in the NGSSA!

How old does my daughter need to be to play?

We take girls as young as 4 and as old as 19 (as long as she's still enrolled in High School.)

Do the youngest girls (the Rookies) play T-Ball?

No! Our girls learn how to hit pitches, not how to hit off of tees! The Rookies division is a coach pitch division!

When do the girls start pitching?

In our Minors division (2nd & 3rd grade) girls begin to pitch for themselves with coach assistance if needed. In the Majors (4th & 5th grade), Middle and High School divisions girls pitch the whole game.

How many practices are there?

For non-high school divisions, 2 practices a week, 1 weekday, and 1 weekend until April (when games start.)

After April games replace the weekday practice

When are the practices?

Weekday practices are evenings at NSD fields. Dates and times depend on coach and field availability.

Weekend practices are 2 hours long and depend on coach availability.

Our coaches are volunteers, so they get to choose the practice dates/times that work best for them.

Where are the practices/games?

Practices and games are located at local Northshore School District school fields, and occasionally city of Bothell fields.

When do games start?

For 2022, High school games start on 3/21, and other divisions' games begin on 3/28.

When is picture day?

Individual and team pictures will be taken by our league partner, Star Images, during tournament play.

Are there tournaments and when are they?

Our mid-season tournament will return this year!  Scheduled for 4/29-5/1 at North Creek Fields in Bothell, all teams, minors level and above, will play round-robin games to advance to the final games on Sunday.

Who sponsors the league?

Local businesses help keep our league running smoothly! To learn more, visit our Sponsors page or email us at with specific questions!

Who can I ask more questions to?

Email us at with all your questions. Our volunteers are only too happy to answer any questions you have!